Napoleonic wars 

       Company : Minifigs - 25mm- 1/72  scale
                                     Figures - lead

       Landscape :Trench- styrofoam              

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Shannon | Reply 25.07.2016 20.21

I love your dioramas. My father passed away and we are needing to sale some of his dioramas. Do you purchase any that have already been painted?

Mark 31.07.2016 16.14

Hi Shannon, I have bought painted dioramas before.If you can send pictures of the dioramas ,I can let you know if I am interested. You can also sell on ebay.

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18.09 | 14:04

Outstanding display & great detail.

13.07 | 13:54

Hi Walter, the next time you come to Vancouver, I will give you a tour of the museum.

12.07 | 19:13

Hi Mark,

It was great to see your work. I really enjoyed it, I don't think I would have the patience to create such intricate dioramas.

29.05 | 15:09

Thanks for the comment

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