Rorkes Drift -Zulus- Diorama

Diorama Rorkes Drift / Zulus
4000 Zulus attack outpost at Rorkes Drift against 140 British soldiers of the 24th Foot Regiment
Company : Britains & Conte - 54mm 1/32 scale
  Figures – lead & plastic
Accessories :  Farmhouse - wood & plaster
  Zulu Huts - wood & plaster
Landscape :  Hill - styrofoam
  Terrain - sand
  Trees - plastic 


10.12.2019 22:22


Really impressive diorama. Where did you source all of your figures? I've been searching but can only find the same sets of Call to Arms and Conte which have limited variety..

12.12.2019 22:13


Hi Noel,the majority of the figures are Britains. The farm house, hospital & Zulu huts I made them out of wood & plaster. Thanks for your comment